Chapitre 1: Personal Shopper - Si la Cliente ne vient pas à la Mode, c'est le personal shopper qui va à la cliente...

TEXT BY / Eugenie Adda

Tiptoeing into that swirl after the long summer

Seems like I forgot how to act in all of this

Throw back to when I swam straight to the sun

When was it ? Last Thursday maybe ? My cheeks still burn a little.

Need to slap out like how do I cancel ?

Layers and layers and layers

I hear them all mumble

Louder and louder

This on top of that

Don’t you forget to accessorize you careless b* (un bruit interrompt)

Artefacts on artefacts

We’re planning on skiing again

Where’s everyone going this year ?

All we do is laugh and pretend

Happily swallowed into guidelines

Yet it works

Yet here we are accomplishing missions

We’re agitating ourselves until the deserved break

So let’s move again

Let’s put layers over layers

What will remain of last summer ? Area 51 ? (quand elle met le sac alien devant son visage)

Mmmh. No. Not even (Elle l’enlève).

I bet nothing happens on the 20th. It’s like they already forgot.

And so have we

We must erase and start as fresh as we can

The merry must go round again, and again, and again.


Chaussure sabot Tory Burch / Sac Byredo / Sac pyramide Louvreuse. 

 1 / Lou porte une robe Maticevski / Bijoux Le Printemps / Lunettes Prada / Pochette Calvin Klein / Sac boite Le Printemps / Collant Dim / Chaussures Francesco Russo.



Director Laure Atanasyan
IG @l_atanasyan

AD / Style / Christine LERCHE
IG @christinelerche

Director of Photography Etienne Fu Le Saulnier
IG @etiennefls

Model Lilou Kolmann @VIP
IG @lilou_kolmann

Casting Nathalie Tricot
IG @because_nathalietricot

Make up / Hair Isis Moenneloccoz
IG @isismoenne

Camera assistant Kelly Pradels
Music Brandon Sciarrotta “Julius”
IG @partyprovider

Vnknxvvn “Weirdfishes”
IG @vnknxvvn

Thanks to Lou de Rensis, Gabriel Haberthur-Leite & Vera Kloo
IG @louderensis , @verakloo

Printemps Haussmann
IG @printempsofficial